Управление недвижимостью

We created a service that will make the life of owners easier and happier.
We will free owners of the properties from the unnecessary concerns associated with renting. We will take care of the domestic issues and all communication with the tenants.
How it works
Apartment preparation
We find reliable and solvent tenants
We organise viewings
We negotiate and draw up a customised contract
We make a detailed inventory of the property
We organise access to the house and parking lot for the tenants, introduce them to the concierge and others.
Search for tenants and help with moving in
We make sure that utility bills are paid on time.
We send you reports on the condition of the apartment.
We change taps and lightbulbs, assemble and disassemble furniture, fix leaks, and repair household appliances.
We can give recommendations on furniture, house appliances, and lighting
We can do minor repairs
We can organise housekeeping
Quick support
Personal manager in touch at any time
Solving any issues related to accommodation and emergencies
Legal assistance. We prepare documents for pre-trial decisions (notifications, demands). In case of necessity, we draw up and submit statements of claim.
How much does it cost?
"Basic" plan
10 400 ₽
Communication with the tenant
Inspection of the property (once in three months)
Departure of the master once in sixty days
Organization of departure and communication with emergency services if necessary
"Standard" plan
13 200 ₽
Preparing the apartment for occupancy
Inspection of the property (once in three months).
Interaction with management companies
Transmitting meter readings
Assistance to the tenant in any issues: starting from the installation of the Internet cable to introducing the neighbours.
Maintenance, including cleaning and prevention of air conditioners, replacement of water filters
Cleaning before check-in and after eviction of the tenant
Inspection of the property (once in three months)
We pay utility bills (with reimbursement)
Insurance. In case of an insured accident, we prepare documents
We take care of the communication with public utility agencies and management companies
Assistance to the tenant in any issues: starting from the installation of the Internet cable to introducing the neighbours
Legal support
"Expander" plan
18 600 ₽
For tenants
Apartment preparation
We will organize the packing of your belongings and furniture in the old apartment. We will transfer everything quickly and carefully to a new place. We will also assemble and arrange furniture if necessary.
Help 24/7
Moving in
We will solve any household, technical, financial or legal issues: contract, cleaning, maintenance, parking, migration registration, utility bills and much more.
We do cleaning and write an instruction on what is included in the apartment and how to use it. We will help you to move into the apartment where everything works perfectly, including the Internet, TV, communications, and security and everything comply with your requirements.
We will organize, carry out and control any maintenance work in the apartment. We will provide regular service of all household equipment. We will also solve the issues of payment for maintenance with the owner.
Moving out
We will prepare the apartment for returning it to the owner to receive the deposit in full and get the recommendation of you as a responsible tenant.
Apple Real Estate — number one in rentals since 2008
Apple Real Estate — number one in rentals since 2008
We specialise in renting services since 2008, we also help with the purchasing and selling the properties
We earned the trust of the large foreign corporations and embassies
Why choose us
We organise legally secure transactions
We quickly process requests and organising searches
We care about the comfort and convenience of our customers
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